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Ideal untuk perniagaan kecil​
RM 50
  • Sistem Kaunter Lengkap
  • Simpanan Data Pelanggan
  • Laporan Real-Time


Terbaik untuk mengembangkan perniagaan
RM 100
  • Mempunyai semua modul yang ada di Starter, ditambah:
  • Pengurusan Inventori
  • Loyalti & Membership
  • Pemantauan Cawangan


Sesuai untuk jenama dikenali`
RM 300
  • Mempunyai semua modul yang ada di Basic, ditambah:
  • Pengurusan Kewangan yang lengkap
  • Keutamaan servis sokongan
  • Pengkhususan Account Manager

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Features Starter Basic Advanced
Manage product details
Batch import products
Download products list
Manage and return stock to suppliers
Monitor low stock items
Stock Take
Audit trail
Serial Number tracking
Composite Inventory
Adjust pricing by stores (Price Books)
Enable low stock e-mail alerts
Transfer stock between stores
Store customer information (CRM)
Track customer purchase history
Customer-Facing Display
Create customer loyalty program
Customer database & CRM
Customisable promotions
Send SMS blasts to customers
Generate reports by transaction (day, hour, shift)
Identify Best Selling products
Analyze total stock value
Track Pre-Orders
GST Audit File (GAF) (Malaysia only)
BIR reports (Z-Reading, X-Reading, POS Monthly, POS Daily) (Phillipines only)
Monitor promotions performance
Loyalty report
Offer discounts (itemised and full bill)
Add or edit customer info
Manage and return items of stock
Pre-Order and pick up
Save, Hold, Split, Merge customer orders
Split, Cancel, Void, Refund transactions
Create additional payment options
Perform Pay Ins and Pay Outs
Print Shift reports
Automatic, Manual sync data
Sync multiple iPads within the same store
Offline mode
Check stock levels across multiple stores
Manage employee information & access
Track employee performance & work hours
Easy clock in and out
Open and close shift
QBO accounting software integration
Live Chat (7 days a week)
Workshops & Training
Dedicated Customer Success Manager
Priority Support

Plug n Play Device

Ease your sales and transactions with additional devices setup:

sunmi dualscreen pos

Sunmi Dual Screen

Born for business. Based on Android, making your devices business smarter and stronger.

RM 2,700.00
ipad 7th gen

iPad 7th gen

Expanding your business? Add more stores and/or tablets to your existing plan.

RM 1,500.00
table a8

Samsung A8

Expanding your business? Add more stores and/or tablets to your existing plan.

RM 1,200.00
sunmi handheld pos


Quick charging, long use time and high volume. Conveniently used in poorly-lit environment.

RM 1,400.00
sunmi barcode scanner handheld

Barcode Scanner

Fast and accurate scanning that efficiently handles high-volume payment processing.

RM 220.00
cash drawer

Cash Drawer

Cash register, separate compartments for coins and bills of different denominations.

RM 220.00
receipt printer

Receipt Printer

The latest in retail technology, the receipt printer is a fast and efficient way to handle cashiering needs.

RM 500.00
sunmi barcode scanner

Barcode Scanner

Ergonomic Scanning Angle of 45°. Frame With Aluminum Alloy Texture. Open-Style Box Body Design.

RM 220.00

Payment Terminal

Payment Terminal yang ergonomik yang menawarkan kebolehan menerima pelbagai kaedah pembayara.

Terima pelbagai kaedah pembayaran termasuk tap atau swipe juga dengan QR scan.

Tidak sekadar hanya pembayaran biasa, juga termasuk barayan ansuran dan BNPL.

Uptime sistem maksimum, ketahanan jangka hayat bateri dan capaian internet yang baik.

Selamat, terjamin dan diperakui dengan piawaian pematuhan yang tinggi.